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We have offered Jobs Management Services throughout the UK & Ireland for over 30 years. We have a unique strength in our understanding of the challenges our clients face. We have a reputation for excellence in everything we undertake and a passion for quality in everything we do.

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  Empowerment of Change

Today's market place is in constant change. In order to ensure you continue to move your career forward the right skills and knowledge are necessary to ensure you are top of the shortlist.

The focus of our group is to provide a comprehensive and complete level of services to our clients. Through our years of extensive experience we know what skills companies are looking for and we know how to provide the best training to hit that mark

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What are you finding most difficult in the current market conditions?

                       Job uncertainty      

                       Cost of living         

                       Changing job         

Outplacement programmes are designed to help you embrace change, boost self confidence and transform redundancy into opportunities for personal growth and career development.





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HR Services


Group Training

CV Builder

Interview Skills

Presentation Skills

Psychometric testing




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HR Services

This is a specialist service for or clients who need to outsource their recruitment needs. It is a dedicated specialist recruitment outsourcing service that saves significant time and money in achieving excellent hires for your group

Career Change

Discover your hidden talents, your true career vocation and learn the skills and steps necessary to make the career change

Write my CV

A targeted CV gets your the attention of the recruiter and gets you an interview. Discover what recruiters are looking for and how to ensure that the CV you put in-front of them it what they are looking for

Interview Skills

Success at interview is dependant on your ability to know what will come up and how well you are prepared for what is ahead. The best people do not leave this crucial stage to chance

Aptitude testing

Knowing your talents, your career vocation and what skills need to be improved is vital to your continued success. This is a powerful tool that gives you a clear picture of your stage in life and a road map for the future

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